Sponsor A Hive

Can't Raise Your Own Beehive or Just Want to Support Beekeeping

You can sponsor a honeybee hive at The Lavender Fig Apiary 

50% of the profits of Sponsors goes to the Bees

Housekeeping Bee Sponsor

This Sponsorship will help to continue planting crops for the bees to encourage my honeybees to stay as close as possible and have Spring, Summer and Autumn nectar and Pollen - Your gift of sponsorship is 4 Large Honey's - 3 Small Honey's a creamed honey and an herbal gift - 

Donation of $125


Nursing Bee Sponsor

This Sponsorship will help to explore ways to encourage detoxification using new products from Beemunity which is fed to the bees and is all natural to help detox from any outside foraging that may be toxic.  It also helps me to continue my education on beekeeping and ways to continue growing the population of the honeybee.  Your gift will include all the products that the Apiary is involved with during the season.  

Donation of $250


Worker Bee Sponsor

This Sponsorship will help me to grow my Apiary with strong Queens as I split hives and make new queens.  Queen rearing is tricky and being symbiotic with the surrounding birds is so important to me, so I don't discourage local birds to move in which narrows my queen rearing to a smaller window.  Your gift with this donation is everything from the Nursing bee plus a private honey tasting for 10.  

Donation of $600